If you have been visiting an escort for a few weeks and like to spend time with them, she must also be comfortable with you while going around and forget for a moment that she is getting paid for being with you. This way, she can also not worry about sticking to her duty and will be more open to you. If you wish to be your escorts favourite, you do not have to do anything extra other than what you would do for a girl you met for the first time. On top of that, you will have the escort already interested in you so it will not be a difficult task. All you need to do is follow these tips to make a place for yourself in her normal life as well.

Get to know each other

Check out her website, to a proper check if the account is genuine and run by herself. How well has she been rated on the reviews? Get her contact details and connect with her is a respectful manner. Make her know about you by telling her about yourself. This will guarantee safety for her and also for you.

Meet her on time

When you fix a meet, try to reach before she does so she doesn’t have to wait. If you do not have a choice but to keep her waiting, inform her that you will be late. Also if you have been late, be generous enough to pay for her extra time. Respect her time and schedule, do not force her to stay longer, and if she does, pay her as per the rates you have discussed.

Fix your deals and do not change it later

Escorts use the lingo to discuss the services they will be providing. Use the code language with codes like GFE, PSE, CIM before you contact an escort. Do not change your preferences later as it will only reflect your weak will and bad decision making, which can turn off your escort.

Never discuss sexual acts or money in person

Do not make it awkward by discussing these things again when you meet. Try to get a clear picture of all that you want to know about the business over email or call and keep only good topics for personal interaction. When you meet in person, just play your cards right without the need of speaking it out loud. Trying kissing, for instance. If you feel no rejection, you can take the next move.

Be nice to her

Treat her like a lady. Do not feel scared to approach her in any way as she is there to make you comfortable. Also, at the same time, do not be rude to her and treat her like a real person. This will give the space that she likes and can get more of herself around you.